Agility training

Agility is the fastest growing dog sport. Over the years it became a real performance “Sport“. That’s why we want to  offer answers to all specific needs of agility handlers and their dogs.  Just want to have fun with your dog, in a responsible way, or having “WC ambition”? Everybody who is well motivated  deserves tailor-made training, training with focus on the “team”

Agility is taught by Rudy.

Training can be done individually or in small groups

Agility is the fastest growing dog performance sport, since years now. Not only in Belgium. The popularity of the sport keeps growing in many countries. The Agility World Championship has grown into a yearly recurrent party for thousands of spectators and about five hundred participants. Almost forty countries participate at the WC. The WC has had an enormous  influence on the evolution of the Agility sport.
It grew to become a real performance “Sport”. That does not mean that the sport can not be practiced recreationally. For sure it can! But handlers, running in whatever level, are becoming aware of the fact that proper training  is required to be able to perform the sport in a responsible way. People are well informed, nowadays. They are aware of the existance of several training methods. It becomes very difficult, for Belgian clubs, to fulfill all the needs. That’s what private training got started. Nimble-K9 is one of these private initiatives. We want to offer an answer to the specific needs of agility handlers. Everybody with the correct motivation deserves a tailored-made training. Being the recreational handler or the handler with WC ambition. The dogs need to perform the same tasks, they for sure deserve good, responsible tailor-made training. That’s what we try to offer. Agility training focussed on the “team”.