Fitness for dogs

Nimble-K9 offers extended learning opportunities when it comes to Canine Fitness. In person classes at Wechelderzande, online in person training, video based online classes, workshops, webinars en more!

Find out more on our own K9-FitClass website.

The idea to start with Canine Fitness grew during Nimble’s rehab traject. At the age of six Nimble started to have issues with jumping. The diagnosis “lumbosacral instability”, meaning a lower back injury, followed. The orthopedist/neurologist and also the physiotherapist, who were treating her, convinced me that, if I succeeded in strengthening her abdominal muscles and muscles off her back, Nimble still could have  a great, active live. Maybe  she even still might enjoy agility. That’s where my search for Fitness exercises started. At that time there was not a lot of info around but with the little info I had I did succeed in strengthening Nimble’s body in such way that she did enjoy agility for a couple more years, indeed! Even as a senior dog she has enjoyed a beautiful, active life. She was happy and active till two days before she died, at the age of thirteen years and nine months. She retired from agility at the age of nine and a half. Fitness was part of her life till the week before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. After seeing the result of conditioning training with Nimble I was convinced that Fitness training should have a place in the training program of EVERY PERFORMANCE dog! So, I continued my quest for information. In the first place to better train my own dogs and to better prepare them for their tasks in the sport but soon I felt the urge to share that knowledge with “performance dog people”. I want to help everybody in their fight against injury. My current training is much more founded than the training in my early days of Fitness training.  But everything needs to start somewhere. Nimble-K9 started with Nimble…
I will be forever grateful to her, not only for starting me off with Canine Fitness but for so much more. Nimble was a “once in a lifetime” dog. She will be with us forever!