Single lesson Package of 4 lessons
1 handler 52€ 192€ (48€ per lesson)
2 handlers 60€ 220€ (27,5€ per lesson, handler)
3 handlers 75€ 270€ (22.5€ per lesson, handler)
Group lessons (2-3 handlers) can only be attended ONLINE for the moment (Corona).

Thank you for planing to book a Fitness training!

In the agenda below you can book a training and pay for it online.

You can book online training or F2F training in Wechelderzande.

Do you like to receive an invoice?

  • Please fill in this form. Upon receipt of you personal information, credit will be  granted in the system so you can start booking. Payment can be done via bank transfer.
  • Please create an account in the agenda if you use the form!
  • Voor non-Belgians with VAT number VAT wil be shifted
See you soon!

The agenda itself is in Dutch. We hope to solve that in the future. 
The text in the white part of the agenda says the following:

Do you like to take advantage of the discount by buying a 4 – lesson package? 
In that case, visit the shop first (click on the word “shop” in the text). You can buy credit in the shop.

Do you want to book an online lesson? Fill in “yes” in the “Online?” field.

Do you want to book for a group? Chose the correct number of handlers in the dropdown list “Aantal geleiders”.

Need more info?

Please contact me via de Nimble-K9  or via e-mail: info@Nimble-K9.be